As you might have noticed, it's been a long time since Justin Timberlake put out new music. Yes, he appeared in that one rap-rock video recently, but we're not counting that. While JT has every right to whisk away Amanda Seyfried from evil forces in a fantastical dystopia or romance Mila Kunis with a Semisonic song, it's too bad he missed out on the chance to be part of one of 2011's blockbuster hip-hop releases. But apparently he has, according to rapper Drake, who says he "really wanted to work with" Timberlake on his forthcoming album, Take Care, which is due out tomorrow. "We came so close man, so close. He's just super busy, and not in the music mindset right now as far as creating," Drake says. "He was just like, 'I really want to work, I just can't do it right now. But we'll work as soon as I'm back in the studio.'" Drake will just have to wait until Timberlake makes the hotly anticipated Alpha Dog II, which should hit theaters by summer 2013. [via Billboard]