(Photo: Getty Images For Disney, Alberto E. Rodriguez) / (Photo: Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Life must be pretty easy for a famous guy named Chris, since statistically you’re the most famous and handsome man in any room you walk into, but the filming of Avengers: Infinity War has apparently been a real culture shock for one famous Chris. Speaking with Elle (via Entertainment Tonight), Chris Hemsworth (who plays Thor) says he was “weirdly shaken” when he first met Chris Pratt (who plays Star-Lord), which kind of makes it sound like that time on The Simpsons when Milhouse met the other kid named Milhouse and they instantly shared a deep bond with each other.

Hemsworth says he doesn’t know why it was so powerful to meet another famous guy named Chris, but he says that Pratt is “just so charismatic” and “good at what he does” that it evidently shook him to his mighty core. He doesn’t say what it was like meeting Chris Evans, who many people agree is the superior Chris, but it was probably a similarly major event.