Of course, today you'll notice The A.V. Club's Surprisingly Specific Holiday Gift Guide and Cheap Toy Round-Up, but here are a few other decent holiday guides from around the Web:

How to not get sued at your holiday party: A practical guide from Slate, which opens up a horrifying chasm of liabilities:

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what happens if one of your holiday guests chokes on the cheese log? Or considered what happens if a guest loses an eye to the mistletoe? And what if one of your colleagues suffers social anxiety or embarrassment at the hands of a cruel workmate? Or an atheist guest "accidentally" bumps into someone wearing a Santa sweater?


A huge comic fans' wishlist from the Newsarama blog.

For the combination cook/technofetishist on your list, Wired News rounds up some food gadgets that should work splendidly unless the recipient's kitchen witch fails to protect them from jinxes and spells.