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Illustration for article titled Nostalgia comes with fantastic hair in this iStranger Things/i-themed ’80s news broadcast

Netflix remains weirdly dedicated to promoting Stranger Things, despite the fact that the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi nostalgia trip came out back in the summer, when pretty much everybody with an internet connection and a love for old Steven Spielberg movies tuned in. Recently, we reported on the streaming service’s Netflix Kitchen series, which taught people how to make monster pies and dead teenager soup. Now, the company has released a more traditional Halloween promo video for the series, but with a perfectly Stranger Thingsy twist: a period news broadcast from Hawkins, IN, touching on a number of the show’s events.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that the local media in Hawkins does, in fact, care about Barb (and her “absolutely fantastic” glasses), even if only enough to report on her disappearance in passing. Meanwhile, anchor Brenda Wood is happy to remind us all of the time Eleven stole all those Eggos, presumably as a way to build up anticipation for Millie Bobby Brown’s recently confirmed return in season 2. The video doesn’t give us any clues about what to expect from those new episodes, but it does show a continuing dedication to the series’ cunningly crafted aesthetic of nostalgia.


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