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Norwegian pop singer Sigrid's new video stars the video's director because her flight got delayed

One must adapt when something goes wrong. For director Max Siedentopf, that meant starring in his own music video. Siedentopf was hired to direct the video for Sigrid’s “Mine Right Now,” but, as the Norwegian singer clarifies in a message before the music starts, delayed flights forced her to miss the shoot. In lieu of scrapping it all, Siedentopf served as her stand-in. The end result is, as you might imagine, very entertaining.

As he says, he’s not a singer, and the shoot itself was hit with more obstacles than just a missing vocalist. Throughout, the footage is interlaced with shots of behind-the-scenes drama, like a drone getting lost in the lake, harsh winds threatening to take down sets, and awkward arm-dancing (on Siedentopf’s part). Sigrid’s not completely missing from the video, though. In addition to her opening message, she appears via iPhone during the choruses to mouth along, sometimes side-by-side with Siedentopf.


Come for the curiosity of it all, but stay for the Drogon-like dragon at the end that annihilates Siedentopf in what’s got to be one of the more memorable video kickers in recent memory.

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