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Norwegian "Let It Be" video may have conned celebrities into believing it was for charity

Anyone left wondering how the Norwegian television series Gylne Tider could muster such a random assemblage of celebrities—everyone from Jason Alexander to Glenn Close to Steve Guttenberg to Tonya Harding—to sing and/or lip-synch “Let It Be,” the answer could lie with trickery as old-fashioned as the green-screen effects that briefly reunited the cast of L.A. Law alongside Right Said Fred on a golden-hued beach: Although most of the stars involved were also involved in Gylne Tider’s interview series, suggesting it was all simply part of mutually agreed-upon promotion, according to Married…With Children’s David Faustino, at least, the show’s producers pitched stars on the project by telling them that it was all for charity. Then again, Faustino doesn’t seem entirely clear on whether he was swindled, saying, “At least I remember I THOUGHT I was doing something good for somebody.” Oh, but you did, David Faustino: There’s no arguing that the “Let It Be” video made great strides for the People For Reintroducing Alfonso Ribeiro Into The Wild Foundation.

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