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Photo: Norman Reedus (Gene Page/AMC)

In words he may soon come to regret, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus recently told his fans: “Send more breast implants.” It’s a weird request, made only slightly less weird with context. Back in 2013, Reedus revealed on Conan that an enthusiastic fan once sent him a silicon breast implant in the mail, which he decided to use as a phone cradle. He even showed it off while giving a tour of his trailer.

That seemed to be the extent of his silicon-related gifts, until another fan (or perhaps the same one?) sent him a follow-up implant recently. While recounting the story during a photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus joked, “I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them. So, yeah—send more breast implants.”


Slightly creepy imagery aside (he is a Walking Dead star after all), the bigger concern is that Reedus has now opened himself up to receiving literally dozens of breast implants at every convention he attends for the rest of his life. After all, Reedus’ co-star Chandler Riggs revealed on Talking Dead that he still gets giant tubs of pudding from fans even though he only ate it in one episode a year ago. But then again, a bed made out of breast implants would probably be super comfortable, so maybe Reedus knows exactly what he’s doing.

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