According to TV Insider, producer Norman Lear is currently in talks with Sony to create an all-Latino reboot of One Day At A Time. The series would be co-produced by the English-language branch of Mexico’s Televisa studio—which means it would be in English, in case any jerks out there were scared off by the words “Latino” and “Mexico.” The original One Day At A Time starred Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, and Valerie Bertinelli as a divorced mother and her two daughters. The series was known for mixing its usual sitcom humor with social issues, like divorce and feminism, and the reboot would probably do the same.

Interestingly, Sony also recently approached Lear about doing a reboot of one of his other famous shows—All In The Family—that sounds suspiciously identical to the One Day At A Time reboot. As we reported at the time, Sony wanted Lear to do “a modern version” of All In The Family that wasn’t necessarily about the same characters, but updated for 2015. Lear even mentioned doing it with “a Caucasian family or Latino family,” suggesting that it’s pretty easy to come up with ways to reboot classic sitcoms. That time, though, the idea came from Sony’s end, and Lear gave the impression that he wasn’t too into it. We’re not sure what makes the One Day At A Time idea so much better, but that’s why we’re not incredibly successful TV moguls.