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Norm Macdonald shares some pages from his Dirty Work sequel

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Last year, Norm Macdonald teased a sequel to his flawed, brilliant 1998 cult classic Dirty Work. “There might be another one coming now, I guess,” he told Forbes, cruelly refusing to provide more details (to avoid a punch in the stomach, we imagine). Recently, Norm reignited the speculation by posting a few pages from his script for the sequel, which he claims the original’s director, Bob Saget, tasked him with writing.


Unfortunately, Saget doesn’t appear to support Norm’s vision. “He’s read the full 500 page script and thinks I need a ‘professional’ screenwriter’s help,” Norm posted to Instagram. “Here are a few of my best scenes! YOU be the judge!!! #DirtyWork2.”

Norm’s Mitch Kramer is no longer making a living as a prankster in the sequel, in which he’s settled down with a “beautiful scientist” and a “a cat named KITTY” who they “love like a child.” His best friend, Sam—played by Artie Lange in the original and, apparently, Brad Pitt here—arrives saying they need to do “ONE more prank!!!” That prank, unfortunately, turns out to involve Sam/Brad Pitt sleeping with his (barren) wife and somehow impregnating her. “I don’t much like this!” Mitch declares, a line that we’d give anything to hear Norm actually yell. Netflix? Hulu? HBO Max? This is a slam dunk.

“Don’t get me wrong, Norm—This is really well written and I love the short length. Perfect for a comedy,” Saget responded. “I just think some other movie script writer(s) could take it to the next level. Thanks for posting on Instagram. That’ll be sure to get people more excited!!!!! ❤️”

Alas, it looks like the Dirty Work sequel has hit a roadblock, unless, of course, a “professional” can write a scenario that makes everyone happy and doesn’t remind us that Chris Farley, Jack Warden, and Don Rickles are all dead. Just bring back Christopher McDonald and put three exclamation points at the end of every sentence. We really want this.

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