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Norm Macdonald doesn’t like his new stand-up special

Though he’s out on the road doing stand-up about two-thirds of the year, Norm Macdonald hasn’t really concerned himself with disseminating that material through a greater platform like, say, Netflix. That is, until recently—the streaming platform did just release Macdonald’s Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Trickery earlier this week. But one special is still far from the kind of arrangement Netflix has struck with Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock. That’s all totally fine with Macdonald, though, who tells The Daily Dot he’s just been making comedy for people like himself anyway. But as for the special that is currently being consumed by his fans, Macdonald doesn’t think it features his best work: “Eh. It’s dumb. I don’t like it that much to tell you the truth.”

The comedian and author says Netflix pieced together material from the last couple of shows he did last year, which he shrugs off as probably his worst. It’d be just like Macdonald to downplay the strength of his routines, but while he ”[liked] the material,” he still thinks ”the material would be entirely different” if he had it all to do again. Still, Hitler’s Dog will probably “be one of the top 100 comedy specials that Netflix puts out this year,” which isn’t a sentence you come across that often. And in our own estimation, The A.V. Club saw the special as proof that Macdonald has actually grown as a comedian.


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