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David Spade was a Weekend Update regular during his SNL tenure, and the three anchors with whom he routinely sparred swung by his Comedy Central series for a “rowdy” reunion of sorts. Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon, and an ever-chuckling Norm Macdonald filled out the peanut gallery during Spade’s opening barrage of jokes, heckling him relentlessly between groaners about Snoop Dogg, Jason Momoa, and Wheel Of Fortune.

As loose and improvisatory as you might think, the segment should warm the cockles of SNL fans of a certain age—ones, perhaps, who miss having Weekend Update anchors who would threaten their own employment with apocalyptic O.J. Simpson bits and not smugly chuckle at their own jokes.


Speaking of O.J., Norm walked back his old criticism of the disgraced athlete. “He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers,” he said after Miller recalled the comedian’s old penchant for O.J. cracks. “I see him as the greatest rusher—that’s all he’s guilty of to me, is the greatest rusher in the history of the NFL. Maybe I was the greatest rusher to judgement.” Classic. 

Watch that clip below.

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