(Photo: Snapchat)

Fans have been waiting for Frank Ocean’s new album for years now—since those heady days when “Gangnam Style” emerged as the Macarena of the early 2010s, as Pitchfork points out. Well, that song has seen been thrown on the dustbin of pre-nostalgic pop-culture history, and if Ocean’s new album, Boys Don’t Cry, doesn’t come out today—as was promised earlier this week—so may Ocean.

All week, a mysterious video has been live streaming on Ocean’s website, first showing the R&B artist cutting wood in a David Bowie T-shirt, and now showing, well, nothing much at all. It’s a mood reflected in Snapchat’s new Frank Ocean filters (also featured on Pitchfork), one of which cheekily shows a skeleton covered in cobwebs with the caption, “waiting for Frank Ocean’s new music like…” Meanwhile, on Twitter, the populace is growing restless:

good morning to everyone except frank ocean

— ㅤ (@shamelessdeluxe) August 5, 2016


Will Boys Don’t Cry actually come out today, or will Ocean keep painting wooden boxes while his fans fume? We’re not sure, but his library fines are going to be ridiculous.