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Nonpareil makes a coughing fit sound inviting on its new EP, Allergen

In its short musical life, Nonpareil has garnered comparisons to both Botch and Hot Cross, two bands that cast very long shadows. Plenty of people have tried to capture the magic of both of them, but it’s rare that anyone has actually hit the mark. But, despite the challenge of doing so, Nopareil does an admirable job of splitting the difference between those two influential hardcore bands. There’s a mathematical nature that recalls the guitar work of both acts, but it’s not a mere imitation. Across the six songs that make up Allergen, Nonpareil is intricate, heavy, and just the right amount of sassy, making for an EP that recalls a bygone era of hardcore without merely stealing its moves. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Allergen below before its release next Friday, April 8, and pre-orders for the EP are available through Nonpareil’s Bandcamp now.


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