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Non-media-dominating Jews demand that Showtime cancel Oliver Stone series

Well, this situation didn’t take long to turn deeply ironic: A day after Oliver Stone issued his mea culpa over saying that Jews dominate the media, billionaire mogul Haim Saban and über-agent Ari Emanuel have teamed up to demand that CBS president Leslie Moonves pull Stone’s upcoming Secret History Of America series from its sister channel Showtime. In addition, Saban called up CAA’s Bryan Lourd and urged him to drop Stone from the agency, much as Emanuel did with Mel Gibson over his recent outbursts.

Speaking to The Wrap, Haban blasted Stone’s apology as “transparently fake,” then added, “I respect his First Amendment rights. I hope he respects mine.” Which would be fine if Saban were merely speaking out about Stone’s “consistent anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks,” instead of trying to pair up with one of the other most powerful Jewish voices in Hollywood in order to, you know, do the exact thing Stone was complaining about.


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