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The first season of Netflix’s Spike Lee series She’s Gotta Have It ended with free-spirited millennial artist Nola Darling dancing to Prince and rekindling an extremely problematic romance with former fling of convenience, Opal (Ilfenesh Hadera). In the newly released trailer for the upcoming season, which begins streaming on May 24, Nola (DeWanda Wise) appears to be focusing more on her growth, the commodification of her art, and making her relationship work, even if she’s still struggling with the whole “boundaries” thing.

Nola notably voices a desire to be the best partner to Opal without mentioning former flames Greer Childs, Jamie Overstreet, or Mars Blackmon. With so much of season one’s focus resting on her experience with polyamory, this could either signal a major change in her stance on romantic relationships or simply a momentary pivot to the partner that is impacting her the most at the moment. There are no signs of Lyriq Bent’s Jamie, however Greer (Cleo Anthony) and Mars (Anthony Ramos) are still around to provide potentially complex friendships. Ultimately, it seems that Nola is on a mission to find the sweet spot between success and her own sense of morality while tackling this “love shit” head-on. Best of luck, Ms. Darling.

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