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Whether talking about cakes with flustered bakers, or fending off the awe-inspiring powers of the malevolent Crack Fox, British comedian Noel Fielding has always operated on a level of professional whimsy that might be described as “over-powering, bordering on Amelie-esque.” Which is why it feels thoroughly fitting to report tonight that Fielding has just sold a show about a magical record player to Netflix—indeed, the idea that such a project could exist without the Mighty Boosh and Great British Bake-Off star being involved somehow now sounds utterly ludicrous to our ears.


Per NME, Fielding will be writing the series, about a man whose enchanted purchase allows him to enter his favorite albums. Which sounds just dandy when you’re talking about, like, “Strawberry Fields,” but god help anyone who ends up on the wrong side of the tracks on a Sunn O))) album, or even just The Wall. Fielding also noted that it’s a pretty wide conceptual field to cover, and while Netflix sounds enthusiastic about the project, he’s still working out exactly what form the series will actually take.

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