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Although the seven years since Friday Night Lights went off the air have been justifiably great for Connie Britton—including starring roles on shows like 9-1-1, Nashville, American Horror Story, and, most recently, Bravo’s Dirty John—they’ve been a lot harder on those of us with a criminally weak grasp on the distinction between fiction and reality. “Why is Mrs. Coach singing all those country songs?” we’d ask ourselves, practically daily. “Why is she taking emergency calls?” “Oh god, what is that man in the black rubber suit doing to Mrs. Coach?!”

We can now add “Why is Mrs. Coach married to the dad from Harry And The Hendersons, who is himself pretending to be Fox News founder Roger Ailes?” to our list of increasingly demented-sounding woes, as THR reports that Britton has signed on to play Beth Ailes in Jay Roach’s movie about the sexual harassment accusations that brought the influential toad-man down. Britton will star opposite John Lithgow as Ailes himself, while Imperator Furiosa, Virginia Woolf, Harley Quinn, and Alex DeLarge—sorry, no, we mean Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Malcolm McDowell—will play a variety of people in Ailes’ media-empire orbit. The project is still untitled, but Roach is reportedly working from a script from The Big Short’s Charles Randolph.


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