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Screenshot: かねあいよよかKaneaiyoyoka / (YouTube)

Last week, we showed you a 9-year-old drummer tearing up Nirvana’s “In Bloom. This week, we’ll do you one better: a cover of the entirety of “Bulls on Parade” by a 10-year old drummer who loves Rage Against the Machine so fucking much she can’t stop smiling throughout the entire video. Click play below to witness absolute bliss.

The “Bulls On Parade” cover is by Yoyoka, a little girl from Japan who started drumming at the age of two and has been recording YouTube covers since 2016. Her talents caught the attention of memes for moms curator Ellen DeGeneres, which resulted in old man rocker Dave Grohl sending her a video message to tell her she was “amazing.” She also made waves at the age of eight for her cover of “Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin, which earned praise from Robert Plant himself because she barely missed a beat.

As much time as she undoubtedly uses to sharpen her drumming skills, one thing is for certain: Yoyoka loves American rock music. Somebody point her towards Zach Hill (if they haven’t already, of course).

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