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Nobody is nearly concerned enough about this woman who just strolled into a lion's den

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We all have our typical routines when we hit the zoo: A stop by the popcorn truck, the purchase of a stuffed animal souvenir, a healthy swig from our flask in the reptile house. Not on that list for vast majority of us: Jumping the fence that thanklessly separates us from the lions and taunting the king of the jungle with a little dance. And yet, that’s just what this young woman recently did at the Bronx Zoo.


The woman was apparently on a quest for Instagram fame and, it seems, an opportunity to prove that all God’s creatures are friends, which they most certainly are not. The lion, thank goodness, was mostly disinterested, somehow restraining itself from hopping the moat between them and, well, doing what hungry lions do.

According to The Washington Post, passers-by (way too casually) tried to get the woman’s companions to talk some sense into her, to no avail:

“Can you tell her to get back?” an onlooker asks well after the woman began gesturing toward the lion, which stands mostly still after taking a couple of steps in her direction.

“It’s probably not safe,” another adds.

“I told her; she don’t listen to me,” a man responds.

Fortunately, the Post reports that the NYPD is following up after the Bronx Zoo complained, which shouldn’t be too difficult, thanks to that aforementioned IG post:


“I really have no fear of nothing breathing!!” boasts queenempress_myahlaree. That might be true for her, but leave the lions alone, please.


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