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Nobody freaks out on film quite like Jack Nicholson

The Last Detail

Jack Nicholson turns 78 today, and for more than 50 years he has been providing the silver screen with some of the best freakouts ever captured on film. The unbridled rage that bursts forth from Nicholson is something few actors are able to convey; he possesses an awe-inspiring ability to spew forth a litany of bile and hatred at whomever his unfortunate target may be. To celebrate his birth and legacy of generally flipping the hell out in movies, Uproxx has collected 13 scenes from his storied career that showcase his gift for mania.

Writer Aaron Pruner has selected some of the best moments from Nicholson’s past, including such highlights as Batman, Easy Rider, The Shining, A Few Good Men, and of course the moment in The Last Detail where he announces to a bartender and the world that he is the motherfucking shore patrol.

It’s a great collection of rage-fueled, over-the-top performances that move from seething hatred to outright fury—all while using those steely eyes to stare down whomsoever dared cross his path. With his ability to emote so wildly and project such vitriol, it’s little wonder that Nicholson has been nominated 12 times for an Academy Award (winning three times). So Happy Birthday, Jack Nicholson; don’t worry, no one will reference Anger Management. Oops.


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