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Nobody else can do it, so Taylor Kitsch is just going to make himself a movie star

John Carter

Despite his Tim Riggins being one of the best parts of Friday Night Lights, Taylor Kitsch has struggled to carry any of that goodwill into much of a movie career. Through no fault of his own, John Carter was a legendary flop, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was reviled by both critics and fans, and Battleship was a movie based on the Battleship game. Nobody was going to like it no matter what.

Well, it looks like Taylor Kitsch is done starring in everyone else’s terrible movies. If he’s going to be a movie star, he’s just going to make it happen himself, Tim Riggins-style. According to Deadline, Kitsch is going to direct and star in Pieces, a drama film that he also wrote. That means there’s no Jason Street or Matt Saracen for him to rely on. He’s gotta throw this metaphorical football, catch the metaphorical football, and run the metaphorical football into the end zone to turn this movie into a hit. Anyway, Pieces is about “three best friends from Detroit who change the course of their lives by intercepting a drug run.” Hey, intercepting is a football thing!


Just remember, Kitsch: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t flop. You’ve got this.

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