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Noah Hawley taps Legion's Dan Stevens for his cheating astronauts movie

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Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley has steadily been assembling a pretty stellar cast for Pale Blue Dot, his first feature film. Natalie Portman, Zazie Beetz, and Jon Hamm have all signed on for the project, about an astronaut (Portman) who cheats on her Earth-based husband, due both to the well-documented psychological aspects of living for extended periods of time in space, and also of being stuck in close quarters with sexy Jon Hamm for a significant period of time. (The film’s based on the real-life story of former NASA officer Lisa Nowak, who made tabloid headlines in 2006 when she drove cross-country in an effort to apparently kidnap a romantic rival for her paramour’s affections.)


Now, Hawley has recruited a familiar face to play Portman’s, uh, space-cuckold, with THR reporting that Legion star Dan Stevens has been cast in the role. Stevens is currently moving toward the back end of the FX show’s second season, where he periodically deals with shit far weirder than space lust; presumably, the film will be something of a breather for him before he (hopefully) comes back for Legion’s third season.

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