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Noah Hawley says Fargo probably won't be back until 2020

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Photo: Chris Large (FX)

A new season of Legion is just around the corner, but Noah Hawley’s been fielding questions about the return of his other FX series. The Fargo showrunner tells The Wrap that season four basically has a snowball’s chance in hell of premiering next year.

Hawley explains the weather delay: “I think realistically we will certainly be filming it next year. Mostly just because it’s a winter show. You know, I have to write [the episodes], then we have to prep it, then we have to film it, which means it’s either this coming winter or next winter.” Winter 2018 is basically off the table, though, “given my schedule with making a movie and posting a movie this summer, and then gearing up to do more Legion assuming we get a pickup, it seems like a long shot that I can launch Fargo [season] 4 this winter.”

While it’s highly likely we’ll have to wait until 2020 to see more Fargo, Hawley has revealed some of what we can expect from the new season. He tells The Hollywood Reporter the fourth season will be “another period piece.” “I feel like I have a very interesting and exciting direction to go in,” Hawley says, but he’s still “trying to find the time to get it down on paper.”

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