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Noah Baumbach developing Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections as HBO series

Illustration for article titled Noah Baumbach developing Jonathan Franzens emThe Corrections/em as HBO series

HBO is reportedly close to a pilot order for a TV adaptation of The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed 2001 novel about the way dysfunction is passed on through family members, just like copies of The Corrections. It’s the first concrete development on the long-gestating adaptation in many years, ever since Scott Rudin—who’s still attached to produce the current project—first optioned the film rights over a decade ago. And though it’s still only in the development stage, Noah Baumbach has already co-written a script with Franzen and is also attached to direct, a dream team united by their mutual love of deeply unhappy people. Also, Anthony Hopkins is apparently interested in playing the family patriarch, though his involvement at this point is still just a rumor. You can now place your bets on which unlikely literary adaptation will be the first to become an HBO series: this or Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From The Goon Squad.


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