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No Wiebe, No Cry (King Of Kong part IV)

Sorry, I was trying to keep the reggae theme going.

Anyway, as you dedicated King Of Kong fanatics learned on Newswire yesterday, perpetual underdog Steve Wiebe attempted to break the Donkey Kong record of arch-nemesis and mullet-proud champion Billy Mitchell last night at a Microsoft event in Las Vegas.

I assumed the Internet would be abuzz today with stories about whether he made it, but I couldn't find a damn thing, so I e-mailed King Of Kong producer Ed Cunningham. Cunningham reported that Wiebe made it to a kill screen—only the sixth to be reached in public, ever, so call that nerdy guy from the movie—but failed to come close to Mitchell's score. Wiebe's tally last night: a totally respectable 929,800, according to Ed.

Cunningham also said, "He's definitely got his sights set on the record…as soon as school lets out, he said he's headed back into the garage." And seriously, this is (probably) the last time we'll report on this, unless Wiebe and Mitchell (and Mr. Awesome) get into a giant fistfight. If you haven't seen the documentary yet, do. And now, for your viewing pleasure, "There may be a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up.."

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