Aaron Eckhart has confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises will not feature his Harvey Dent/Two-Face character—the second seemingly obvious yet apparently necessary announcement in the last couple of days, after the cottage industry of Batman rumors (sparked in part by speculation in an L.A. Times article) began putting forth “maybe he was just in a coma” theories and the like. This time it even got to Eckhart, who reportedly had to schedule an oddly romantic meeting with Christopher Nolan “alone on the beach together on a stormy day,” at which Eckhart, his heart pounding beneath his open peasant’s blouse like the waves against the shoreline, sought shelter from the persistent rain of fan questions in Nolan’s sinewy arms, only be turned away “heartbroken” when Nolan put his lips to his ear and hotly whispered, “No.” Anyway, time to let go.