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Season four of Orange Is The New Black premieres this June, and though you’ll promise yourself not to race through it in a single, crumb-covered sitting, that’s almost certainly what will happen. But the remorse you’ll feel over your lack of patience (and the lack of new episodes to watch) should be somewhat alleviated by the news that Netflix has already ordered three more seasons of the show.

The streaming company made the announcement on Friday in a press release, along with the heartening news that showrunner Jenji Kohan will also be around for three more years. Kohan thanked Netflix and the show’s cast and crew for the extended renewal, which would probably not be welcome news to the fictional ladies of Litchfield (they have it rough enough as it is). The multi-year extension is an optimistic and generous offer but the series, which recently picked up a SAG Award for best comedy ensemble, is reportedly Netflix’s most-watched show, so the streaming giant probably doesn’t want to mess with a good thing either.


Season four of Orange Is The New Black premieres June 17, but if you’re somehow not caught up yet, the first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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