Image: Ricky Tan (Screenshot: Twitter)

Some superheroes lend themselves more easily to cosplay than others. While any dope can squeeze into a Superman or Spider-Man suit purchased at a deep discount from Party City and be instantly recognizable, it takes a little more effort and ingenuity to convey the essence of the size-changing Ant-Man, who is, at the risk of being pedantic, a man who can shrink himself to be ant-sized.

But it seems like a quintet of Marvel fans attending Rocky Mountain Con, a recently concluded sci-fi and comic book convention in the Denver/Aurora area, managed to do just that. A photo tweeted by writer Ricky Tan depicts an incredible chorus line of five Ant-Men, arranged by height from shortest to tallest. All are wearing matching versions of the costume sported by the eternally boyish Paul Rudd in 2015’s Ant-Man and 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, giving the impression that a single figure is miraculously decreasing in size.


One can imagine that the lanky fellow on the far right is meant to represent the normal-sized Scott-Lang, while his compact companion on the far left is intended to be Lang at ant-size. Alternately, the one on the left could be the default Lang, and the one at the right could be Giant-Man, as seen in Civil War. Either way, these costumes are a clever tribute to a veteran Marvel character who is only now getting the attention he has long been denied. Maybe at next year’s convention, these five could go as a matryoshka doll.

[via Gizmodo]

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