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No Thank You laments “The Unbearable Purposelessness Of Being”

No Thank You (Photo: Peter Murray)

No Thank You is the songwriting project of Philadelphia‘s Kaytee Della-Monica, and on February 24 Lame-O Records will release Jump Ship, the first batch of songs Della-Monica has put together with her band. The A.V. Club is premiering “The Unbearable Purposelessness Of Being,” a song with both a bleak title and lyrical message, but one that feels joyous in the hands of No Thank You. The song takes cues from the likes of The Anniversary—with a big synthed-out chorus—and even a bit of Worriers, in that it’s pop-punk that’s equally thoughtful and explosive. There’s a biting nature to Della-Monica’s lyrics, as she runs down a list of changes and struggles before closing it off with the sarcastic sign off, “I’m twentysomething / I’m doing just fine.”

Pre-orders for Jump Ship are available now and No Thank You’s upcoming tour dates can be found below.


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