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No, really, a new episode of Rick And Morty is now streaming on AdultSwim.com

Illustration for article titled No, really, a new episode ofi Rick And Morty /iis now streaming on AdultSwim.com

In what may be the first April Fools’ prank in years that we’ve actually enjoyed, about an hour ago Adult Swim began live-streaming the long-awaited season three premiere of Rick And Morty on its website::


We thought it was a joke at first too, but a new episode of the show featuring Nathan Fillion, Seal Team Rick, Shoney’s, and Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki McNugget sauce is indeed currently airing on Cartoon Network as well as on the Adult Swim site. It seems to have been released to Chicago first per a tweet from Dan Harmon, and it’s set to repeat on a loop until midnight ET/PT tonight, so if you miss the beginning, don‘t worry, it’ll start over. Unfortunately, it looks like this is limited to North America only, and we have absolutely no idea what’ll happen to the episode after midnight tonight, or when more episodes are on the way. But you should be able to watch it…oh, a dozen more times before then.

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