Despite airing against almost nothing but repeats on all of its competing networks, NBC’s The Apprentice had its lowest-ever ratings during last night’s season premiere, with only 4.7 million viewers tuning in to see Donald Trump terrorize his newest batch of non-celebrity sycophants. That may sound like a lot of people still, but it’s down 63 percent from its last premiere in 2007, and a full 53 percent from last spring’s Celebrity Apprentice—though to be fair, this version of The Apprentice features neither the life-or-death drama of Bret Michaels nor the lilting siren song of Cyndi Lauper. Man, we sure have been talking about Cyndi Lauper a lot lately. Wonder what that’s about? Maybe we should just post a video of “She Bop” and get it out of our system. Yeah, fuck it. It’s Friday. Let’s do that.