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No one on Yahoo! Answers knows how to spell “pregnant”

Knocked Up (Screenshot: YouTube)

Pregnant. One word, two syllables. Spelled pretty much like it sounds. Shouldn’t really be that tough to type correctly. But for the users of Yahoo! Answers, the pioneering internet “knowledge market” that started as Yahoo! Q&A over a decade ago, that commonplace word is nearly impossible to spell. In fact, human reproduction in general is a complete mystery to these befuddled folks. They have so many questions and so little knowledge, and they’re turning to their fellow Yahoo! users for wisdom and advice. And the garbled, semiliterate results are hilarious. YouTuber J.T. Sexkik has compiled the best of the worst of Yahoo! Answers’ pregnancy-related queries in a video called “How Is Prangent Formed.” And, yeah, the title of his video is a direct quote taken from Yahoo! Answers. That’s pretty typical of what’s contained herein.

The hits just keep coming. “Can u down a 20 ft. waterslide pegnat?” “Dangerops prangent sex? Will it hurt baby top of his head?” “Can i get prengt if he had a comdom on?” It’s like a middle-school sex ed class, only the students are texting their answers to the teacher while driving and totally whacked out on cough syrup. Most of these profound queries were taken from the Women’s Health and Pregnancy & Parenting pages on Yahoo! Answers. Visiting these pages reveals that the Sexkik video is no exaggeration. That’s really the kind of stuff that gets posted, right down to the idiosyncratic spelling and grammar. A visit to the Women’s Health section, for instance, yields this:

Yahoo! Answers (Screenshot: answers.yahoo.com)

Yeah. The site seems to attract a healthy mix of pranksters and those who are legitimately clueless. Those who hunger for more along these lines are invited to check out Sexkik’s previous, similar video, “77 Actual WikiHow Articles.”

[via Laughing Squid]

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