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No one loves Thomas The Tank Engine more than Neil Patrick Harris

More cute than funny, this Funny Or Die sketch about Neil Patrick Harris’s obsession with Thomas The Tank Engine will at least make you smile. The kids are adorable, and if there’s one thing we learned from the Oscars this year, it’s that Harris knows how to commit to the bit, even when it isn’t really working. But in the case of Thomas & Friends, it works, because the humor is simple and earnest. Plus: adorable children!

Harris asks the kids what they like about Thomas & Friends and counters all their answers with “um, actually” explanations in the same cadence of a seasoned mansplainer. Thomas is cerulean, not “blue,” stupid kids! “You’re gonna tell me if I get too obsessed with this stuff, right?” one of the little girls asks her friend after Harris has a complete and total meltdown. Like we said, it’s cute—a sketch comedy equivalent of pictures of baby animals.


Neil Patrick Harris' Thomas & Friends Obsession from Neil Patrick Harris

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