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The annual scare surrounding the fate of The Office’s tenure on Netflix arrived this week, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. According to an article published on Wednesday, NBCUniversal currently working on a new streaming service (at this point, who isn’t) and already has eyes on reclaiming the workplace comedy once the current contract expires in 2021. As predicted, the news sparked some concern with fans of the beloved series, which currently reigns as Netflix’s most popular show.

Netflix took to Twitter to respond to the rumors with a succinct reminder that fans will still have access to all of the Dunder Mifflin drama until 2021 and (possibly) beyond.


While the 2021 confirmation doesn’t quite negate the rumors, it does indicate that the streaming service is at least considering putting up a fight for their golden goose of a property. The real question is, are they willing to shell out Friends-like bucks to keep The Office in their digital clutches? Maybe fans can organize their own fun run to help Netflix raise the cash. Anything would be better than another price hike.

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