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Dunst at yesterday’s awards ceremony
Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

During a recent appearance on on SiriusXM’s In Depth With Larry Flick to promote her addictive new Showtime series On Becoming A God In Central Florida, Kirsten Dunst stated that despite being in the entertainment industry for the vast majority of her life, “I always feel like nobody—I don’t know, maybe they just think I’m the girl from Bring It On.” Granted, that is a great movie. But as CNN reports, Dunst pointed out that praise for many of her projects has come after the fact” “Well, remember when Marie Antoinette—y’all panned it? And now you all love [it] … Remember Drop Dead Gorgeous? Panned. Now you all love it. … I feel a lot of things I do people like later ... I’ve never been recognized in my industry.”

Hopefully, a new accolade will help Dunst feel more recognized: She finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in a ceremony on Thursday. And she’s right, that does seem way overdue—how in the hell is Donald Trump on the Walk Of Fame before Dunst, star of The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and Melancholia? Nevertheless, Dunst was gracious at her Walk of Fame ceremony, following a very sweet introduction by her partner and former Fargo co-star Jesse Plemons:


Also in attendance were Dunst’s frequent director Sofia Coppola (who called Dunst “my most trusted collaborator”) and Plemons and Dunst’s adorable 15-month-old son Ennis, making his first public appearance. In her own speech, Dunst remembered visiting Hollywood as a child: “We would drive around these streets, and I always thought the stars were dedicated to the legends of the past… I never thought that someday I would even be close to being part of that.”

Then just when we couldn’t love her any more, Dunst goes ahead and quotes The Comebacks Valerie Cherish on her Instagram post:

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