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No, Jean-Luc Godard will not be there to accept your meaningless Oscar

Jean-Luc Godard still wants nothing whatsoever to do with Hollywood, even if it plans to honor him with an honorary Oscar at this year’s Nov. 13 Governors Awards. For these trophies, they are just metal trinkets, jejune paperweights and hunks of capitalist gold that speak to the American movie industry as a factory producing lumpen simulacra of humanity, n’est-ce pas? And after two months of openly begging him—or rather, engaging in a “cordial exchange”—the Academy has finally dropped the pretense that Godard might actually show up this year, admitting in a statement today that there is no way in hell Godard will be there to collect in person. He did, however, offer thanks and well wishes to fellow recipients “Kevin Brownlow, Francis Ford Coppola, and Eli Wallach—whom he refers to as 'the three other musketeers” (which suggests he’s never seen Jack). The award will instead be shipped to him, whereupon he will probably do something Jean-Luc Godard-y like use it as a doorstop. Hey, is it possible that Jean-Luc Godard is simply a close, personal friend of Randy Quaid’s?


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