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No, Jason Sudeikis isn't leaving Saturday Night Live just yet

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Delaying the day when Saturday Night Live puts a Mitt Romney wig on Kenan Thompson for at least another six months, Jason Sudeikis is confirmed to return to the show this season, ending months of speculation that he might give up the weekly grind to focus on his movie career and just hanging out with his arm around Olivia Wilde like, "What?" The fact that Sudeikis does sort-of impressions of Romney and Joe Biden definitely would have made it difficult for the show in an election year—particularly as it's already scheduled several half-hour primetime specials devoted to nothing but. Of course, there's no telling yet whether Sudeikis will stick around to see its outcome: Lorne Michaels tells the New York Times, "Right now the idea is that Jason will go through at least until January," though Michaels also left open the possibility that, out of loyalty, Sudeikis could stick around longer than that if he's really needed. Like say, perhaps, if Romney wins? In that sense, the election just became a national referendum on whether Jason Sudeikis should stay at SNL. Vote your conscience.


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