Guardians Of The Galaxy

Multiple outlets are incorrectly reporting that Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn has offered $100,000 to anybody who can find a long-hidden easter egg in his fan-favorite Marvel film. The confusion stems from a conversation that Gunn had with a fan on Facebook, who suggested that the director was just making the secret up to mess with lovers of the film.

But Gunn wasn’t actually putting a $100k bounty out for anybody who could find the long-hinted-at egg. If you read his post carefully, you can see that the director actually promised that he’d pay $100,000 to anybody who could prove said easter egg wasn’t in the movie. That seems like a much safer bet, actually, given the logical impossibility of proving that a hidden thing isn’t actually present, and also that he’s the director of the movie, so it seems like he’d probably know.

Still, mere “information” hasn’t stopped would-be treasure hunters from making like their favorite space pirates, and scouring Guardians in hopes of finding the secret and cashing in on the promise Gunn hasn’t actually made. The writer and director has already expressed his frustration with this new, exciting portion of his public-facing career: