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No, it's not your screen, these dogs are definitely green

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Screenshot: Yada Ornsomjit (Rumble)

Back in the 1960s, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee imagined a meek scientist who was given the ability to transform into a rampaging green muscleman after being accidentally exposed to gamma rays. Short-sighted as the previous generations were, their pulp fiction dreams could only reach as far as radioactive mishaps turning humans into larger, angrier humans. Never, in their imaginations, could they have foreseen an even more bizarre series of events in which the Earth’s dogs, while doing normal dog stuff, would learn how to dye themselves green at will.

A video from Yada Ornsomjit shows this phenomenon in stunning detail. Four French bulldogs scrabble around a kitchen, huffing and snorting up at a phone camera. The darkest colored one is normal looking. One of them has light brown fur with an unnatural swampy tone. Two of them, however, are entirely green, from the tips of their pointy bulldog ears to the tail on the end of their funny little bulldog butts.


As Rumble describes, Ornsomjit forgot to close her kitchen door one Saturday night and later came in to find her dogs coated in the food coloring they had spilled out from a bag pulled from the cupboard. The pair of delightful, snuffling shitheads—Dam-nam and Sai-Aua—presumably rolled around in the coloring until it was thoroughly rubbed into their fur.

Ornsomjit says that she and her husband “spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green.” As the video shows, the Bulldogs have no remorse. The floor, along with a few shots of their bed in an adjoining room, is covered with green paw prints. No shame in their squashed emerald faces, the dogs pant for attention, walking around in circles and excitedly jumping on each other.

“We were really tired,” Ornsomjit adds after describing the clean-up. “But they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

They wouldn’t, of course. While humanity imagines that transforming into a green creature has to come as the result of an extraordinary process, dogs are now capable of this feat without paying it any mind at all. Why would they think this newfound skill was wrong?


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