Ska-poppers No Doubt announced that September 25 will see the unveiling of their long-delayed, still untitled comeback album,which will be the band’s first in 11 years and its sixth overall. The group took a few years off as Gwen Stefani explored her own solo career and motherhood, but reformed in 2008 to begin plotting out the new album. While the band paused in 2009 to cash in on a greatest-hits tour, the quartet returned to writing and recording shortly thereafter. In a statement posted on the band’s webpage, No Doubt also thanked fans for support over the last 25 years, at which point we all felt really, really old and realized that when the band first formed, Stefani was… wait for it… just a girl. There’s no word if yet another tour will follow the album’s release, but at least Stefani will have an army of  Harajuku girls to follow her around and serve as nannies. For now, the band is releasing webisodes covering the production of the album, the first of which you can check out below. [via MTV]