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Illustration for article titled No dogs, no masters: Facebook group brings together Anarchist cat lovers

The Internet can be a scary place full of hate speech and poorly drawn anime porn. But it can also be a magical tool that allows people to find friends that share even their most esoteric interests. First there were the Bronies, and now cat-loving anarchists are having their day in the digital sun thanks to a Facebook group called “group for anarchists to post pictures of their cats in,” or, more succinctly,  “Catarchy.”


Despite the fact that Facebook is basically Big Brother, in the absence of a worker-owned social media alternative Catarchy is thriving. The group currently has over 1,500 members; most of the posts are pictures of members’ cats with cute captions about “the proletaricat resistance” and seizing the means of cat food production. They’ve even got a pig in a sweater, which is not a cat but, you know, anarchy. To its credit, unlike a lot of open Facebook groups Catarchy keeps the discussion civil and on topic without an official admin. To paraphrase Atom and His Package, “Anarchy Means I Use a Litter Box.”

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