NME has apologized to Morrissey for implying he’s racist after almost five years of back-and-forth between the two parties in courtrooms and the media. The apology—which seems sincere—is, of course, not enough for the ex-Smiths singer, who believes that the apology is “disproportionate to the damage done to Morrissey by the NME magazine itself.” (Because Morrissey certainly doesn’t do any damage to himself on his own.)

For those who have somehow missed out on this story, NME ran a December 2007 interview with Morrissey in which he lamented that, due to its quoting him as bemoaning that "the country's been thrown away" by England's influx of immigrants, it created the image that he is somewhat racist. NME has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, but like the vegan bulldog he is, Morrissey hasn’t been able to let it go, even whilst making more subsequent racist statements all on his own, such as calling the Chinese “a subspecies.” The case will finally go to court this July 16-19 at which point Morrissey can finally have his day to say all sorts of totally not racist things on the record.