Nasty Little Man, the publicity company hired by all of your favorite bands (Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire), apparently tried to post a thumbnail of the cover of Nirvana's 20-year-old Nevermind to Facebook, which violated Facebook's terms of service with regard to nudity. So you can all feel safe at night now.

IN RELATED NEWS: Did you see the crazy track list for the 20th-anniversary edition of Nevermind? Man oh man, there are Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions. Let's concern ourselves with the latter, which spans four CDs (remember those?) and a DVD. Not only does it feature the demos that Cobain-heads have already heard, plus BBC recordings and a live concert plus B-sides, but it will include the Devonshire Mixes, which is apparently producer Butch Vig's mix, prior to the polish the album received from mixer Andy Wallace. Also: 90-page book, yadda yadda. But Butch Vig mix — weird, right? Or maybe no different than the new Donnie Darko Blu-ray, with the theatrical and director's cuts… Or is this more like Star Wars? It's hard to say. But in any case, don't try to post pictures of the iconic baby-wang album cover to Facebook, because they will shut your ass down. (The new-and-improved(?) Nevermind comes out Sept. 20.)