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Nintendo would rather just pretend Lindsay Lohan was never in Mean Girls, thanks

As the vicissitudes of cruel fate continue to toy with Lindsay Lohan—spinning complex webs of conspiracy involving nightclub owners, paparazzi, and possibly doors; subjecting her to drive-by Dr. Drew diagnoses and the stinging, Wildean barbs of George Lopez—there’s one thing they can never take away, and that’s the solid acting work that made her such an object of torment in the first place. Except, it looks like Nintendo has done just that: The new Mean Girls game (timely!) for the DS features an exact reproduction of the film’s poster art—including photos of Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert—but completely omits Lohan. And while some might assume the decision to erase Lohan’s likeness from a game where she’s the central character would have something to do with her controversial stance on human trafficking (which is why everyone is out to get her, right?), as it turns out, it’s still “prohibitively expensive” to license a photo of Lohan, because clearly photos of Lindsay Lohan are hard to come by.


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