Oii. Just how do we pronounce that? Is it a homophone for Wii, to which Frenchmen will respond, “Oui, oui, we will buy a Oii”? Or is it pronounced like the Yiddish digraph “oy,” which (appropriately) proclaims exasperation? Given this is one of an absurd handful of names trademarked as potential successors to the Wii, I’m inclined to say “Oii vey.” Nintendo returned to the top of the gamer’s market with a system many buyers couldn’t even pronounce. Yet as of March 2009, an estimated 50 million units of the Wii had been shipped worldwide. CinemaBlend is reporting that Oii has joined the rumored Zii as a would-be next-gen Nintendo product, along with Cii, Bii, and Yii. Yii all bii playing the Wii last Christmas. Will I cii yii playing the Oii next Christmas? Okay, that’s enough of that.