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Nine Inch Nails release fan-made concert film

If nothing else, Nine Inch Nails fans are devoted. How much so? When Trent Reznor and company released 405 gigs of raw HD footage from its 2008 Lights In The Sky Tour to them and said, "Have at it," they did more than have at it. Today, Reznor made one of his infrequent appearances on Twitter to announce the release of Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift, the subsequent concert film created by This One Is On Us, "a core team of dozens of fans and a network of thousands spanning the entire globe," according to a post on the NIN website.

The result is a 1080p 5.1 film available on DVD, Blu-ray, iPod, and YouTube. There's even bonus footage and an accompanying PDF booklet. You can download Another Version Of The Truth here, and you can get a free DVD of it in a few weeks, according to This One Is On Us' website. Some screenings are also being organized.

The NIN camp took the opportunity to take a subtle swipe at the Reznor's favorite target, the music industry and its self-sabotaging policies:

This is yet another example of a devoted fanbase and a policy of openness combining to fill in blanks left by old media barriers. The entire NIN camp is absolutely thrilled that treating our fans with respect and nurturing their creativity has led to such an overwhelming outpour of incredible content, and that we now have such a high quality souvenir from our most ambitious tour ever. Or, as Trent simply put it, "Nine Inch Nails fans kick ass."


Here's the first part of the video:

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