Confirming what heā€™d hinted at before, Trent Reznor tellsĀ The New Yorker that Nine Inch Nails will be recording a new album in the near future. The frontman says that the album will come out in 2014, following a greatest hits collection that will also contain two new songs.

Reznor also says heā€™s been working with Interscope and Beats By Dre on a new music-streaming service tentatively called Daisy. Itā€™s set to launch in early 2013, holds 16 million licensed pieces of music, and uses mathematics to offer ā€œintelligent curationā€ to the listener. Reznor equates it to ā€œhaving your own guy when you go to the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldnā€™t necessarily have encounteredā€ā€”because God forbid anyone actually have to go to the record store and deal with a person who gets paid to do that already.