As part of its new foray into original programming—and as part of the general craze for biblical shows that's led to everything from NBC's A.D. to David Mamet's Seven Deadly Sins project—Cubs-and-reruns network WGN America has hired a slate of high-profile directors and Michael Cera to direct a 10-part series based on the Ten Commandments. (The actual commandments handed down by Moses, not the Charlton Heston film about them).

No word yet as to which director is taking on which "Thou Shalt Not…," but the list of auteurs is impressive, as it includes Gus Van Sant, Jim Sheridan, Lee Daniels, and Wes Craven. Also on board is actor-turned-first-time-director Michael Cera, so get ready for a backlash of criticism that all his graven images are basically just George Michael. It also remains to be seen how Van Sant will handle directing his segment, given how much time he spent coveting his neighbor's oxen back in his early career. Yeah, we know what you were up to, Van Sant.