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Nina Sharp from Fringe joins Mary Steenburgen on Orange Is The New Black

Blair Brown—best known ’round here for playing the devious (or was it ultimately helpful?) Nina Sharp on Fringe—will appear on the next season of Orange Is The New Black, according to TV Guide. There’s no information on what sort of character she’ll play, though there does seem to be a vacancy in the administration at this point. Or a bad guy, maybe she’ll be a bad guy. Or Red’s long-lost sister—they kinda look alike. Anyway, if she’s allowed to bring Nina Sharp’s robotic arm into the prison, that could lead to bad things for everybody. In other OITNB news, it’s now being reported that Mary Steenburgen—who we told you a while back was joining the show—will play the mother of disgraceful, disgraced guard George “Pornstache” Mendez.


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