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Nikki Reed joins Sleepy Hollow’s colonial Justice League as Betsy Ross

At the end of its second season, several regular cast members declared their independence from Sleepy Hollow, leaving the Fox drama to enlist a few more recruits in its supernaturally tinged campaign of historical revisionism. Enter one-time movie vampire Nikki Reed, who’ll join Sleepy Hollow’s third season in the role of America’s proudest seamstress, Betsy Ross. Well, America’s proudest seamstress and intelligence officer: The Hollywood Reporter states that Reed’s version of Ross is “a dynamic colonial insider, a secret operative within George Washington’s mysterious ring of spies.” The word “sexy” is also tossed in there, because Sleepy Hollow is the show where Paul Revere could’ve gone through his midnight ride shouting “The British are becoming! The British are becoming!” Truly, it’s the sort of thing that would make our founding fathers and mothers ask: When did this…


become hotter than this?

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